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Bringing online transactions to life using Stripe

Stripe Connect Accelerator

Bringing your Stripe connect platform to life in days with our SaaS Connect Accelerator!

Hiveway has built a Stripe Connect Accelerator that gets your platform online within days! This accelerator allows you to focus on your business’ value proposition and leaves the transactions to your Partners at Hiveway and Stripe.

  • White labeled for your brand awareness
  • Dashboard for your Vendors/Service Providers to manage their own accounts and payouts
  • Compatible with Stripe Connect Express or Custom
  • Compatible whether the Platform Owner or the Vendor/Service Providers are the settlement merchant
  • You own your Stripe account


This package is used when Platform Owner is the Settlement Merchant

  • White labelled authentication web app
  • White labelled platform web app
  • Multiple authentication methods
    • Google
    • Facebook
    • Apple
    • Etc...
  • Server hosting & storage
  • Supports flat rate or percentage-based payouts methods
  • Connect account balance
  • Connect account access to Stripe Express account and payouts


This package is used when your Vendors or Service Providers are the Settlement Merchant

  • Inculdes all Base features PLUS:
  • Dispute management
  • Manual or automated tax rates
  • Charges/payments management
  • Customer management


  • Product & Prices Management
  • Inovice & Quote Management
  • Subscription Management
  • Coupon & Promotion Management
  • Complex Application Fees
    • Rules Based
    • Connect Account Based

Stripe Terminal Accelerator

Bringing your Stripe termnial to life in days with our SaaS Terminal Accelerator!

Our Terminal Accelerator is a simple plug-and-play solution required to implement the Terminal with zero costly software development resources and will also expedite the time to launch from weeks to minutes.


  • White labelled authentication web app
  • White labeled front-end interface for inputting price amounts, viewing payment statuses and historical payment records
  • Server hosting and storage

Stripe Webhooks Accelerator

Get your webhooks working faster with our SaaS Webhooks Accelerator

Webhooks Accelerator that will enable webhooks much faster. We have built a preconfigured shell on top of Stripe’s webhooks that will allow a faster integration to virtually any previous code or third-party software with APIs for a seamless and functional platform.


  • API endpoints for your Stripe webhook data to be integrated with 3rd party applications
  • Hosting for Stripe webhooks backend application

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Bringing your online transactions to life with Stripe

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