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About the Team

A Strong Company is Built on a Strong Team

Hiveway stands at the forefront of digital payment solutions, leading in Stripe integrations with a blend of expertise, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to client success.


Our Story

Driving Customer Value with Stripe

Hiveway was established with the goal of simplifying and accelerating Stripe integrations for businesses globally.

As a partner of Stripe, we are committed to delivering exceptional value and unparalleled service to our clients. Our partnership with Stripe signifies our expertise and dedication to providing high-quality integration solutions.

Our co-founders, with over 15 years of technology consulting experience and extensive knowledge in Stripe integration, recognized the need for expert guidance and technical support to help clients leverage the full potential of Stripe's robust features.


Our Values

Empowering Businesses with Advanced Payment Systems through Innovation

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Fostering growth is central to our ethos. By aligning our expertise with your business objectives, we aim to elevate your Stripe solutions and drive business success.

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Teamwork forms the bedrock of our approach. We strive for a seamless collaboration between our team and yours, working together to enhance your Stripe integrations.

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We prioritize agile execution, ensuring swift, adaptive, and efficient Stripe integration solutions that cater to the dynamic needs of your business.

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Holding ourselves to stringent accountability standards, we ensure every Stripe integration aligns with your expectations, striving for excellence in delivering value.

Our Offices


Ontario, Canada

4145 North Service Road #2nd Floor

Burlington, Ontario, L7L6A3 Canada

(289) 302 - 6392